Blue Swimming Crab
Blue Swimming Crab is a small blue coloured crab of the species Portunus pelagicus. Also called flower crab, manna crab, sand crab and cut crab. Country of origin: China
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Catfish is low in calories and packed with lean protein, healthy fats, vitamins, and minerals. It's particularly rich in heart-healthy omega-3 fats and vitamin B12. Country of origin: Indonesia
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Jack Trevally Fish
Trevally has firm, dense, slightly oily meat. They can be dry if overcooked, but Grilled, BBQ'd or Pan Fried lightly they are a pleasant eating fish. Country of origin: New Zealand
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Mackerel Fish ( Titus 300-500 )
Mackerel is one of the loveliest of fishes, one of the tastiest, one of the cheapest and one that is still plentiful. Country of origin: Scotland
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Red Bream (headless)
In one small, delicious package. Widely considered by chefs to be the tastiest of all fish. Mediterranean sea bream has a wonderfully clean taste and satisfyingly meaty texture. Serve it whole or in fillets for a simple and filling meal....
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Red Snapper Clean 3P
Red snappers scaled and gutted, packed in 3 kg box.
Red Snapper Unclean
Whole round Red snapper has a slightly sweet, gentle, and nutty flavor. Its meat is moist, lean, and has a firm texture that makes it very adaptable to most ingredients.
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Silver Hake /Stock Fish
Hake tend to have a very mild taste, with slightly sweet meat and cream-colored to slightly-pink flesh which has a somewhat coarse, watery texture. They have a similar flavour as Cod. Country of origin: Argentina
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Cleaned and gutted small size tilapia. Country of origin: China
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Tilapia Boneless Steaks
Boneless tilapia steaks ready to cook in minutes and is used in array of dishes. Country of origin: China
Whole Barracuda Fish
The barracuda is a full-flavored fish like wild tuna with a mildly sweet undertone. It has a stronger, “fishier” taste than whitefish like haddock.
Whole Pangasius/Malangwa Fish
Pangasius is a healthy choice for families and particularly for people who pay special attention to a healthy diet. Country of origin: Vietnam
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Whole Round Octopus
Octopus is an excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids, "good fats" linked to a range of heart-healthy benefits.
Yellow Croaker
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Yellow Croaker
This fish is caught wild and not considered threatened. More on Croakers and Drums. This is a very good eating fish with a light, pleasant flavour. Country of origin: Argentina
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