Abuja Bread
Abuja Bread is a must-try for bread lovers! Made with natural ingredients and baked to perfection, this bread is a delicious and healthy choice for any occasion. Order now from Everfresh Butchers.
Asorted Pepper Soup Mix Meat
Our famous pepper soup mix prepared in our store with highest quality ingredients containing  Smoked turkey , Goat meat , Shin beef ,  Beef tripe , Beef honeycomb , Cow feet , Mask ponmo , Beef with bone 
Badia Adobo with Pepper Seasoning
Badia Adobo with Pepper Seasoning is a versatile blend of spices that adds a delicious kick to any dish. Made with a combination of garlic, oregano, black pepper, and other spices, this seasoning is perfect for marinating meats, seasoning vegetables,...
from £3.99
Badia Adobo Without Peppers
Badia Adobo Without Peppers is a versatile seasoning blend that adds a delicious flavor to any dish without the heat of peppers. Made with a blend of garlic, oregano, cumin, and other spices, this seasoning is perfect for adding flavor...
from £3.99
Badia Curry Powder
Badia Curry Powder packs intense flavor and aroma into every dish, turning any meal into a flavorful, aromatic culinary experience. The perfect blend of spices like turmeric, coriander, cumin, and more make it ideal for adding a hint of spice...
Bofrot Puff Puff
Experience the delight of the traditional African snack, Bofrot Puff Puff. Made with a unique and mouthwatering puff batter, this treat is lightly fried to perfection for a crispy exterior and a soft, doughy center. Perfect for a snack anytime,...
Sheep/Mutton Leg Mince
Quick and easy to cook with, Sheep leg mince is such a versatile ingredient to have in your fridge. It's the base for many family favorites.
Tolo Beef
Ingredients: Salt, Beef, Spices
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